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Helping moms scale to 6-figures on a 2hr workday routine.

Raising a family is already a full-time job, but your business doesn't have to be.

For moms who own an information-based business..


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About the Founder of Social Beauty Digital

Meet Rachel,
CEO & Founder

As a stay-at-home mom, I battled with finding my purpose while not being able to make my own income. I would see other housewives going to the salon, going out with friends, and taking their kids out-- having independence! Although it was never spoken in my household I felt like I lacked the independence that they had because I was too proud to ask my spouse for money that I didn't earn for myself.

That's when I decided to start my own online coaching business, and I ended up making my first $15,000 month! It worked so well, that I wanted to start a marketing agency, so that I could help other stay-at-home moms claim their power back over their own finances and find their purpose again.

Social Beauty Digital is dedicated to helping moms find beauty and ease in running a business from their home while managing their family. Being a mom is already a full-time job, but your business doesn't have to be.

Let's grow in business together!

What we offer & How we help

Scope Our Products

From coaching one-on-one to DFY services... We provide our Social Beauties with ample resources to grow empires!

Mindset Coaching

Whether it's money mindset, business strategy, or marketing principles... we can help!

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Need an app to help you track & manage your leads, clients and profit? We have the app for you!

Facebook Ad Templates

Try our proven ads that have helped other women-owned businesses bring in 100+ new leads a month into their business.

Brand Design & Web Design

Whether it's a logo, a landing page, or a website... our experts can help you create a beautiful online storefront!

Want More Help to Grow Your Online Business?

Join our FREE "2HR Mompreneur Empire" Facebook Group where we release weekly tips, trainings, and resources to help you scale your business!

Join our Live 3-Day Training Event!

How a stay-at-home mom used a secret McDonalds formula to build a 6-figure coaching business in 30 days… while only working 2-4 hours a day in her business.

Day 1: How to train your mind to start thinking like 7-figure entrepreneur

We studied several famous psychologists and successful millionaire CEOs, we found the secret to thinking like a 7-figure entrepreneur!

Day 2: How to systematically automate your business for ongoing revenue and get your time back

Learn the secret formula that the multi-billion corporation, McDonalds, used to create their first successful year in business

Day 3: How to use that same McDonald's formula and scale your business to 6 & 7 figures

We don't just build small businesses... we build automated empires! Here are 3 easy steps to implement into your business that will take you to 6 figures and beyond!

Choose Your Package

Moms can do everything.

Scope out our full Marketing Agency packages.


The Basic Starter Kit


Monthly Subscription

  • DFY Simple Funnel

  • Custom Website Domain

  • Automation Setup (Email only)

  • One-Time DFY Facebook Ads Setup

  • One 1:1 Launch Call

  • One 1:1 CRM Training Call

  • Monthly 1 Hour Group Tech Support Calls

**Get a 14-Day Free Trial

Marketing Pro

Most Popular!


Monthly Subscription

  • DFY Website Homepage

  • DFY Launch Funnels

  • Custom Website Domain

  • Automation Setup (Email & SMS)

  • DFY Facebook Ad Setup

  • Monthly Facebook Ad & CRM Management

  • One 1:1 Launch Call

  • One 1:1 CRM Training Call

  • Monthly 1 Hour Group Tech Support Calls

  • 24/7 Slack Tech & Marketing Support

**Get a 14-Day Free Trial

Our Team

Rachel Cardwell


Hui Zhao

Web Designer & CRM Manager

Leslie Caolie

Virtual Assistant

Raymond Sisson

Facebook Ad Manager

Why Choose Us

We don't believe in Competiton... We believe in Collaboration.

Social Beauty Digital is owned & operated by Full-Time Moms

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk! We understand what you're going through, so we know we can help.

All of our Team Members have owned, built, and scaled multiple businesses of their own

We've made all of the mistakes and spent the $20,000+ on training and courses to be here, so you don't have to!

Culmination of over 25+ Years of Psychology Training & Marketing Experience

Our research, training, and previous experiences is what makes us unique! We've helped dozens of other businesses scale, so we know you're in the right place.


Here are some moms that we've helped so far....

From Marketing & Automation to Money Mindset & Business Coaching!

In the past week I have:

-Upped my prices by over £100! AND GAINED CLIENTS

-Got a new sofa - my partner just randomly came home with a new sofa (ours are falling apart)

-Did my first eco re-fill - this was one of my things I wanted to do more of was shop more eco friendly

This is all thanks to your help & the money relationship retreat and I'm only on Week 6!

-Holly M.

My dad just brought me mail, and there was a check in it for 2x the amount I wrote down!

That's never happened to me before!! Thank you so much Rachel! You are amazing at what you do, and I'm excited for more people to learn what you're teaching! You're such a genuine person and it's really so nice to have connected with you, being able to share knowledge and walk motherhood together!

-Jenna H.

"I received A LOT of opportunities that week 😁I was approached by a publisher - I could potentially be writing my next investing book in the next month!

...not confirmed yet, but I submitted my sample, and if not this book, then another book! But just the fact that a traditional publisher reached out to me and wants to pay me to write my next book...pretty sick!"

-Michelle H.

Instagram: @socialbeautydigital

(512) 881-9005

Email: hello@socialbeautydigital.com

Site: www.socialbeautydigital.com

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